Auxiliary Li-Po module


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Auxiliary Li-Po module for carrying the auxiliary 10Ah Li-Po

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Auxiliary Li-Po module

Extend the range of the DeltaQuad by as much as 50Km or 50 minutes by using our Auxiliary Li-Po module. This module will allow you to connect a 4S 10Ah additional lipo battery. It consists of a perfectly formed LiPo housing and a splitter cable. that seamlessly fits in the payload bay of your DeltaQuad.

The module is designed to house the MultiStar 4S 10.000mAh Li-Po battery. This Li-Po comes with an XT90 connector that will directly connect to the supplied splitter cable.

The weight of the module including LiPo is approximately 850g. This will leave you with approximately 200 grams of useable payload left, enough to carry an FPV or small mapping camera system.

Note: Li-Po not included

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