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Commercial grade VTOL surveillance platform.

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DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW

The DeltaQuad Pro #VIEW offers all the advantages of the DeltaQuad Pro and is equipped with a high grade surveillance camera. The available surveillance packages range from entry-level nose cameras to state of the art computer guided thermal & RGB controllable gimbals. Every package is accompanied by a carefully selected video transmission system for optimal quality and range. 


✔ All features provided in the DeltaQuad Pro
✔ Control, change and pause missions or redirect the vehicle to areas of interest during flight. 
✔ Easy 30 second field assembly
✔ No pre-flight calibrations required
✔ Fully autonomous mapping missions from takeoff to landing
✔ DeltaQuad Simulator included »

DeltaQuad Pro VIEW static nose cameraSurveillance package 1: Static nose camera

The entry-level surveillance package includes a static nose camera that is angled forward and slightly down. The camera solution is based on the Runcam Split 2 and offers a powerful 1.5 Watt 1.2Ghz video transmitter with wing-embedded antenna. The included video receiver and FPV field monitor can run for up to 6 hours on the provided ground station battery. The onboard camera system comes with a wifi enabled app for customized settings. The sd-card will automatically record flight video.

✔ Static RGB HD nose camera
✔ 1080p onboard sd-card recording
✔ 720p video transmission
✔ 1.2Ghz 1500mw video transmission
✔ Auxiliary LiPo module capable for almost 3 hours flight time
✔ Omni directional 10km range video & command link
✔ 12inch FPV monitor & field battery

DeltaQuad Pro VIEW BTC88Surveillance package 2: BTC-88 Controllable turret gimbal

The commercial grade RGB surveillance package includes the BTC-88 retractable camera gimbal with 360 degree control and 10x optical zoom. The camera turret automatically retracts inside the fuselage during landing and the unique payload doors close to protect the camera. The tripod mounted directional antennas for video & command link are easily pointed in the approximate location of the vehicle for +- 20km range.

✔ BTC-88 RGB retractable camera gimbal 
✔ Pan, Tilt & Zoom control from Ground Control Station
✔ 10x optical zoom
✔ Excellent nigh vision capabilities (star light)
✔ 1080p HD onboard sd-card recording
✔ 720p video transmission
✔ Automatic gimbal retraction during landing
✔ 1.2Ghz 1500mw video transmission
✔ Directional 20km range video & command link
✔ 12inch FPV monitor & field battery

Full description and specifications for Surveillance package 2

DeltaQuad Pro VIEW Nighthawk2Surveillance package 3: NightHawk2 Controllable turret gimbal EO/IR

The industrial grade thermal & RGB (EO/IR) surveillance package includes the state of the art Nighthawk2 computer controlled retractable gimbal. It offers 360 degree control and 40x zoom. The onboard computer features advanced stabilization, automatic object tracking and automatic HD recording. Equipped with the high quality AES encrypted COFDM 2.4Ghz digital link it will provide up to 30km cristal clear HD video. The camera can be controlled through the separate Video Control Station with camera joystick. A simple point and click will keep any static or moving object in view. The 640x480 thermal camera will expose heat emitting objects such as humans, vehicles or animals even in total darkness. 

✔ Nighthawk2 RGB & Thermal retractable camera gimbal 
✔ Pan, Tilt & Zoom control from Video Control Station
✔ 40x zoom (20x optical & 2x digital)
✔ Thermal (FLIR) sensor 640x480 & 1080p HD RGB sensor
✔ Automatic stabilization
✔ Separate Video Control Station with Camera Control Joystick
✔ Object tracking with a single click in the video
✔ 1080p HD onboard sd-card recording
✔ 720p HD digital video transmission
✔ 2.4Ghz 30km omni directional encrypted COFDM digital link for video & control
✔ Ground station field battery and antenna tripod for optimal range

Full description and specifications for Surveillance package 3

Please feel free to contact us for a customized quotation. We will be happy to discuss your use case and advise a full tailored solution.


DeltaQuad One documentation

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