DeltaQuad 3510 700KV Pusher motor


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The ultra high endurance DeltaQuad pusher motor

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DeltaQuad 3510 700KV pusher motor

The ultra high endurance DeltaQuad pusher motor is one of the reasons the DeltaQuad can cover more than 120Km.
The motor has been specifically designed to run most efficiently when spinning the DeltaQuad's 12x8 propeller at cruise speed. 

✔ Self tightening propeller adapter
✔ Extremely efficient for long endurance flights
✔ High quality EZO bearings

Tech specs

DeltaQuad 3510 700KV motor

Stator diameter35mm
Stator thickness10mm
Stator arms12
Rotor poles14
Motor KV700
Motor resistance
Max continuous power550W
Weight inc connectors140g
LiPo cell's3-4S

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