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Customization features

The DeltaQuad is a versatile platform that has been engineered to provide capabilities beyond its feature specification.

Adaptable EPO

The EPO based frame make it an extremely easy platform to modify and much more impact resistant then hard composite materials. The use of this material also lowers the UAVs rating on the Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS), this is a common requirement when flying beyond visual line of sight. The material gives a good balance between strength and flexibility, is water and weather resistant, and can be easily repaired in case of damage. The DeltaQuads large payload bay can quickly be modified to house any type of ground facing camera or gimbal system. 

Flexible payload capacity

The DeltaQuad has been designed to have its payload bay located directly on the Center of Gravity. This means that the vehicle is capable of changing payloads even during flight as there is no need to re-balance the vehicle when changing payloads. This feature makes the DeltaQuad highly suitable as a package delivery system.

Extendable connectors

The DeltaQuad breaks apart in sections (fuse, VTOL modules and wings). These sections are joined by our high quality blind mate connectors. The standard connectors leave room to double the amount of signal pins to the VTOL modules and wings. Every module requires 5 signal pins to operate and is equipped with room for 10 pins. Every wing requires 3 signal pins to operate and is equipped with room for 6 pins. The signal pins can carry up to 10 Amp current and can be purchased pre-crimped on 26AWG wires with our Connector expansion set.

The connectors are removable and can even be replaced by a bespoke solution. Our production facility can produce these connectors according to your specification and is happy to provide you with a custom solution using our integration services

Versatile battery and payload configurations

The DeltaQuads versitile battery housing allows for a range of battery configurations. Without any battery a DeltaQuad weighs approximately 3.3Kg (depending on options). With a maximum recommended takeoff weight of 6Kg that leaves 2.7Kg to balance between payload and batteries. The standard 23Ah DeltaQuad LiPo weighs 1.64Kg leaving a little over 1Kg of additional payload.

The DeltaQuad can be powered by any battery that provides a nominal voltage of around 14.8 volts (4S) and is capable of discharging 120A continuous and 160A burst current. Our Auxiliary LiPo module provides a simple method of extending the DeltaQuads LiPo capacity to 33Ah. Using the configuration recommended in this kit will leave around 200g of additional payload capacity. 

To balance your vehicle after changing the battery or payload layout the DeltaQuad has indicated the CG with a notch below the wing joiners.

Open avionics 

The DeltaQuad flight controller runs the PX4 Pro autopilot software. Having played a key part in the development of VTOL and autonomy capabilities as member of the PX4 core development team, the people behind Vertical Technologies are highly specialized in all software aspects of the vehicle. The open-source nature of the flight controller allow easy modification. The industry standard MAVLink based communication protocol enables most UAV hardware and software to communicate with the flight controller and unlock their advanced features.

Integration services

Nobody knows the DeltaQuad like we do. If you want to modify your DeltaQuad you can also inform about our payload integration service. We are happy to talk to you about the integration possibilities and can deliver your vehicle prepared or even fully integrated with your payload.

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