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DeltaQuad model compare

We currently offer 3 DeltaQuad models, in the table below you can compare the models and find the model that suits your need;
The comparison chart assumes the use of the 23Ah DeltaQuad LiPo.

DeltaQuad OneDeltaQuad Prowith auxiliary LiPo
Payload capacity1KG1KG200g
Flight time2 hours2 hours2 hours 45 minutes
Range without payload120 Km120 Km150 Km
Range with full payload100 Km100 Km150 Km
Ready to fly
Fully calibrated and test flown
Fully autonomous
DeltaQuad Simulator
Board computers12
4G VPN FPV Camera
DSPS / DSPS Online
BVLOS rated
Fleet ready
Automated pre-flight checks
Advanced optimization and failsafe
Telemetry option 1Basic radio4G VPN
Telemetry option 2Long range radioLong range radio
Optional groundstationTablet4G Tablet
Price€ 7499,-€ 8999,-

  The specs are based on the DeltaQuad EU versions, click here for information on non-EU versions 

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