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DeltaQuad Simulator: Try before you fly

Included with the DeltaQuad One and DeltaQuad Pro is the DeltaQuad Simulator.
The simulator is a virtual appliance that can run on Linux, MacOS or Windows. It gives you the unique possibility to test fly your missions or get acquainted with the ground station.

The simulator will allow you to set your intended takeoff coordinates and will connect to your ground station in the same way the actual vehicle does. Our simulated model has been set up to closely resemble the behavior of the actual vehicle. This will allow you to test missions and ground station features before flying the mission for real.

DeltaQuad Simulator

The simulator features;

✔ Runs on Linux, Mac and Windows
✔ Streams over network - can be controlled on a phone or tablet
✔ Closely mimics the DeltaQuad behavior
✔ Allows setting takeoff position
✔ Easy to use interface
✔ Free and exclusive for DeltaQuad One or Pro owners

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