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DeltaQuad Safety and Performance System (DSPS)

Uniquely for the DeltaQuad Pro we have developed DSPS. DSPS makes the DeltaQuad safely controllable by anyone and safe to fly beyond visual line of sight. It does so by automating virtually every task normally performed by a skilled UAV operator both before and during the flight. DSPS can take full advantage of the UAV internet connection when equipped with our 4G VPN telemetry unit.

What is DSPS

The DeltaQuad Safety and Performance System is an avionics software system that runs on the secondary board computer and interacts with the Flight Controller using the standard UAV communication protocol MAVLink. DSPS has been designed to communicate with the flight controller in such a way that the Flight Controller can safely continue its autonomous mission should a problem occur with the communication between DSPS and the Flight Controller.

DSPS performs safety checks, optimizes the flight and monitors the vehicles behavior during flight. It can make intelligent decisions when conditions change and it will inform you of everything you should know about your vehicle. DSPS is capable of running without an internet connection but it is most effective when it does.

The DSPS board computer allows for multiple communication protocols such as the optional 4G VPN and WiFi. It also exposes a programmable Mavlink API on it's local linux environment for additional application. The DSPS board computer is provided with full access to the linux environment.

The 4G VPN version comes with a situational awareness (FPV) camera that streams video over the secured VPN connection. The video feed can be controlled through the Ground Control Station.

DSPS features

* Features indicated with an asterisks require the 4G VPN telemetry module.

Mission feasibility
Before starting a mission DSPS will check the feasibility of the mission given the battery capacity and current weather conditions. It will prevent an operator from executing a mission that it can not complete. During flight it will continuously monitor the feasibility and can make an intelligent decision if the conditions change making it unfeasible to complete its mission. if it becomes unfeasible to complete the mission given the current conditions but it is feasible to return to its takeoff point it will do so. If it is not feasible to return to its takeoff point but it is feasible to head directly to its destination it will do that. If neither of these are feasible it will land on a designated failsafe location or land as close to its takeoff or destination point as it can get.

* Weather condition awareness
DSPS uses its internet connectivity to check the current and forecasted weather conditions to verify if its takeoff and landing position fall within the maximum rated conditions. Depending on its configuration it can either issue a warning or ground the vehicle.

Advanced System Monitoring (ASM)
Comparable to a cars 'check engine' light DSPS continuously monitors the systems sensors and behavior. When a value exceeds acceptable limits the system will warn the operator and in some cases ground the vehicle or abort the takeoff.

During an autonomous mission DSPS will constantly monitor and tune the flight performance. It bases this on a multitude of vehicle sensors, weather conditions, mission duration and user defined settings based for endurance, stability and performance. 

DSPS comes equipped with a short range WiFi link. This allows connectivity to the DSPS settings and allows the Ground Control Station to connect to the vehicle. The WiFi link can also be used to load missions and dispatch the vehicle on BVLOS missions.

Live view and settings
DSPS is controlled via a web-based environment where you can manage and configure your DSPS enabled DeltaQuad. it is accessible through the 4G VPN link or a short range WiFi link to the vehicle. The environment allows you to configure DSPS tolerances such as maximum weather conditions and override certain checks. When using the 4G VPN video module you can configure the video feed and quality. The settings also allow you to configure the short range wifi settings. Live view displays the vehicles location.

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