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General questions

Q: What is the difference between the DeltaQuad One and DeltaQuad Pro?
The DeltaQuad Pro is equipped with DSPS, 4G VPN Telemetry and FPV video. See our model compare for a full comparison

Q: What flight controller does the DeltaQuad use?
The DeltaQuad uses a customized version of the Pixhawk compatible Dropix flight controller.

Q: What flight control system is the DeltaQuad running?
The DeltaQuad runs the PX4 Pro autopilot. The people at Vertical Technologies are actively involved with the development of this robust autopilot as member of the PX4 core development team. Our DeltaQuad Pro model extends these functionalities using DSPS.

Q: Is the DeltaQuad compatible with ArduPilot?
The DeltaQuad could be controlled with ArduPilot's quadplane code. Vertical Technologies is in the process of collaborating with ArduPilot to get official support for the airframe. For now ardupilot is not officially supported.

Q: How do i install the Ground Control Station?
A: Follow the instructions on

Q: How high can the DeltaQuad fly?
In most countries you can legally fly below 500 feet (150 meters). In countries where there is no such limitation the DeltaQuad can reach altitudes of 1KM and higher.

Q: How fast can the DeltaQuad fly?
The DeltaQuads fixed wing drive has been optimized for efficiency. On the standard fixed wing drive it can achieve speeds up to 100Km/h.

Q: Can i use different motors?
Yes, if you want to change the quadcopter or fixed wing drive you can. However, the DeltaQuad motors are custom designed and have incredible performance and durability. It is therefor recommended to stick with the standard drive.

Q: Where is the airspeed sensor?
The DeltaQuad does not have an airspeed sensor. This sensor was identified as a likely point of failure and has therefor been eliminated. More information on this you can find in groundcontrol and autonomy 

Q: What is the lead time for a DeltaQuad?
The current lead time is around 2 weeks. This could be a little longer depending on options.

Power & Electronics

Q: How much power does the DeltaQuad consume?
The approximate values on nominal (4S) battery voltage are;
Idle: 0.7Ah
Hover without payload: 60Ah
Hover with payload: 80Ah
Takeoff: Hover +15Ah
Landing: Hover -20Ah
Fixed wing straight cruise flight: 10.5Ah

Q: Why does the DeltaQuad use 4S and not a higher voltage?
On a higher voltage the same amount of power can travel through a thinner wire, this is true. However, to store the same amount of power in a Li-Po battery on a higher voltage it will have a higher weight as more cells need to be placed in series. The DeltaQuad drive has been carefully selected based on performance, efficiency and weight. The selected drive has proven to be the optimal choice when balancing every aspect.

Q: Can i draw from the flight controller for my devices?
For flight safety reasons we recommend that you do not power any additional devices directly from the flight controller. If you do then make sure you draw power from the servo rail and not the avionics rail. The servo rail is powered directly from a BEC that runs on 5.3V and is capable of providing 7A continuous current. When drawing more then 3A from of additional power from this BEC you could endanger the servos, secondary board computer and telemetry systems.

Q: What is the best practice for running additional wiring?
When running additional wiring make sure to keep them as far as possible from the GPS/Compass unit. Do not bundle any wires in a loop. Leave no contacts exposed. When drawing from the primary battery it is recommended to use the 4mm gold bullet connectors that attach to the pusher ESC to create a Y cable. A malfunction in such a cable will still allow the vehicle to enter the QuadChute failsafe procedure.

DSPS & 4G telemetry

Q: Can i access the secondary board computer on the DeltaQuad Pro
Yes, when purchasing a DeltaQuad Pro you will be given the login details for the secondary board computer.

Q: Can i modify DSPS?
No, DSPS is only available in binary form and cannot be modified. Should you have any special requests you can contact us.

Q: Can i access Mavlink on the secondary board computer
Yes, MAVLink will stream to UDP port 14590 on the secondary board computer

Q: Can i use my own VPN server for 4G video and telemetry
Yes, you can use any OpenVPN compatible VPN server and modify the vpn connection settings on the secondary board computer.

Q: Can i run my own DSPS server?
Yes, for government, OEM and large corporations we can implement onsite DSPS server functionality.

Q: 4G telemetry safe?
4G telemetry runs on a VPN encrypted connection and can by any means be considered safe.

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