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DeltaQuad pro VIEW

DeltaQuad pro VIEW

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DeltaQuad maintenance

To keep your DeltaQuad in proper condition the following steps can be taken;

After every flight

  • Remove the LiPo battery.
  • Clean the propellers of any dirt and inspect for damage
  • Bring the LiPo battery back to storage charge (+- 50% charged)
  • Inspect the avionics, make sure all components are still securely attached in their proper place.
  • Inspect motor and servo linkage screws

After 50 flights or 50 flight hours

  • Add bearing oil to the motor bearings. Lock bond must be used on all screws when re-attaching.
  • Perform a sensor calibration as specified in the manual

Extended Maintenance Service

After 200 and 600 flight hours we recommend our Extended Maintenance Service.

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