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Payload Integration Service

The DeltaQuad has been designed to easily integrate most payloads. The advanced onboard computers and power system are capable of controlling most camera mapping and stabilization systems, payload delivery systems or onboard sensor systems. You may choose to integrate the payload yourself or you can make use of our Payload Integration Service. After all nobody knows the DeltaQuad better than the engineers who designed and built it from the ground up.

Let our post -production lab work with you:

  • They will evaluate your concept at no charge, confirming both the production cost and that the DeltaQuad model you own, can accommodate the proposed payload design without risk to flight safety.
  • They will use the same tooling as our stringent manufacturing process to produce your parts and the precision built final assembly you need.
  • They will flight test the payload providing you with notes including: weight and balance, power consumption data, Flight planning, and any unique handling characteristics or techniques discovered.

If you would like more information on our Payload Integration Service, or start your request immediately, contact us

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