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Powering the DeltaQuad

Part of the DeltaQuad's unique features is the fact that the payload bay is located directly on the CG. This means that the weight, dimensions and position of the LiPo battery needs to be carefully matched to keep the vehicle in balance. The removable LiPo holder is made from durable EPP and can be easily modified to accommodate a number of LiPo batteries. Due to the extensive regulations and requirements involved in shipping Lithium batteries with the capacity used by the DeltaQuad, Vertical Technologies is not able to ship these LiPo's. We therefor have the LiPo's shipped separately by our partner MaxAmps.  

The following LiPo batteries are known to be compatible with the DeltaQuad;

  • MaxAmps 4S 23Ah This is the high quality LiPo that we offer standard with the DeltaQuad. When ordered in our store the LiPo will be outfitted with the AS150 connector set and shipped to you directly from MaxAmps.
  • MultiStar 4S 20Ah This consumer grade LiPo is known to be compatible with the DeltaQuad. It will fit correctly in the LiPo holder and it's weight and rating falls within the required specs. When ordering this LiPo an AS150 connector set must be soldered on to it.

When choosing a different battery you should consider the following specs;

  • Voltage: 14.8 (4S)
  • Weight: between 1600 and 1680 gram
  • Max dimensions: 200 x 90 x 55 mm (other dimensions possible when modifying the lipo holder)
  • Min discharge: 150A continuous, 200A burst


When placing a new battery it is important to verify that the balance point is on the Center of Gravity (CG)

The DeltaQuad's CG is located between 16 and 17 CM from the root chord (front of the wing section on the VTOL module) It is indicated with notches underneath the wing / module joiners. When positioning a new LiPo you should make sure that the balance point is on that location when angling the wings +- 5 degrees up. Please make sure all components inserted and the wings are attached when testing the position of the balance point.


The DeltaQuad uses AS150 connectors. When ordering our high quality LiPo it will be outfitted with these connectors. When the LiPo has been chosen as and option on the vehicle it will include a charger and standard charging wires. When no battery was selected your vehicle will come with 2 sets of additional AS150 connectors (one for your LiPo and one for your charger). The AS150 connectors can be acquired from many places including here

Soldering the AS150 connector set

On the battery side the DeltaQuad uses the male pin for + (red) and female for - (black). The male pin uses the larger housing and the female pin uses the smaller housing. This is reversed on when soldering the charging lead. 

Solder the pins as follows;

  1. Slide the correct housing over the wire and keep at some distance from the work
  2. remove 5mm from the wire insulation
  3. Pre-tin the exposed wires
  4. Using a vice or 'helping hand' secure the pin with the solder openig facing upward
  5. Insert the wire in the solder cup
  6. Heat the wire while inserting solder tin until the wire if fully covered with tin, do not get tin on the outside of the connector.
  7. Keep heating the tin until it is completely liquid and sinks down into the connector. If needed add more tin.
  8. After cooling the connector, slide the houding back over the connector and screw it on.
  9. Repeat these steps for the second connector.

Some tips additional tips;

  • Do not expose both black and red wires at the same time
  • Make sure no tin gets on the outside of the connector pins or it will not properly screw onto the housing. If tin did get on the outside of the pin you can use desoldering braid to remove it.
  • Make sure the tin is heated until it flows and fuses completely, an incorrect solder joint can result in a crash
  • Soldering LiPo batteries is dangerous, proper precautions to prevent fire must be taken

Attaching the LiPo

The LiPo holder is covered with a strong velcro strip. To securely attach a LiPo please make sure the LiPo has 3 strips of the velcro hook (hard) side attached to the correct side of the LiPo. To find the correct side you can test fit your LiPo. We recommend adding CA glue on the sticky side of the velcro strips. When the vehicle is stored in a nose-up or nose-down position this prevent the LiPo from accidentally detaching from the velcro strips. The strips should be +- 20mm x 80mm. Several strips will be included in your purchase when no LiPo was selected.

Using the Auxiliary LiPo module

The DeltaQuad can be equipped with an auxiliary LiPo by using our Auxiliary LiPo module. This will extend the range of your DeltaQuad to a total of 150 Km and keep it in the air for almost 3 hours. The module consists of a payload bay housing and a specialized connector cable that will allow you to attach an auxiliary LiPo to the system.

Please note: when attaching multiple LiPo batteries you must always have them fully charged before pairing them. When the LiPo batteries discharge simultaneously the chemistry of the 2 LiPos work together. If one of the LiPos has a higher charging state you can damage the LiPo that has a lower charging state.  

The Auxiliary LiPo module is designed to sit exactly on the CoG so it will not affect the vehicles balance.

EU Compliance Statement

The specs are based on the DeltaQuad EU versions, click here for information on non-EU versions 

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