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DeltaQuad pro VIEW

DeltaQuad pro VIEW

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Surveillance package 3: NightHawk2 Controllable turret gimbal EO/IR


The industrial grade thermal & RGB (EO/IR) surveillance package includes the state of the art Nighthawk2 computer controlled retractable gimbal. It offers 360 degree control and 40x zoom. The onboard computer features advanced stabilization, automatic object tracking and automatic HD recording. Equipped with the high quality AES encrypted COFDM 2.4Ghz digital link it will provide up to 30km cristal clear HD video. The camera can be controlled through the separate Video Control Station with camera joystick. A simple point and click will keep any static or moving object in view. The 640x480 thermal camera will expose heat emitting objects such as humans, vehicles or animals even in total darkness. 

Main features

✔ Nighthawk2 RGB & Thermal retractable camera gimbal 
✔ Pan, Tilt & Zoom control from Video Control Station
✔ 40x zoom (20x optical & 2x digital)
✔ Thermal (FLIR) sensor 640x480 & 1080p HD RGB sensor
✔ Automatic stabilization
✔ Separate Video Control Station with Camera Control Joystick
✔ Object tracking with a single click in the video
✔ 1080p HD onboard sd-card recording
✔ 720p HD digital video transmission
✔ 2.4Ghz 30km omni directional encrypted COFDM digital link for video & control
✔ Ground station field battery and antenna tripod for optimal range


Ground Control Station


The Ground Control Station for the DeltaQuad Pro View Nighthawk2 consists of;

✔ 14 inch HD Video Control Station running Windows and the camera specific CCA2 software
✔ Camera control joystick
✔ DeltaQuad Command & Control Station
✔ 2.4Ghz Video RX ground unit
✔ Omnidirectional high gain antenna on tripod
✔ Ground battery & charger

The Video Control Station (VCS) is a Windows based 14 inch Thinkpad laptop running Windows 10 and the CCA2 software that is specifically designed to  display and control the Nextvision2 gimbal. Attached to the VCS is a camera control joystick with programmable function keys. The joystick controls the Pan and Tilt axis and the buttons on top of the joystick control zoom levels. The function keys control deploy/retract, switching between Thermal and RGB video, and the 'fire' button allows locking on targets to track automatically. From the VCS the mouse pad can be used to click on any object in the video for automatic tracking. Object tracking is available in both RGB and Thermal vision.

The high gain antenna mounted on a tripod is easily assembled & disassembled for transport. The included 6000mah Li-Ion battery with charger is powerful enough to power the transmission system for up to 6 hours. Under optimal conditions the transmission system will achieve approximately 30km range. A short range antenna is also provided for fast deployment on short range missions up to 10km.

The DeltaQuad Ground Control Station (GCS) is equipped with a sim-card slot to download satellite maps and elevation data. This data can also be obtained using a WiFi hotspot or stored for offline usage. This touchscreen tablet can be controlled a single operator together with the VCS, or the tasks can be separated for dual operation control. From the GCS missions can be paused, changed or the vehicle can be diverted to an area of interest outside of the mission scope. The standard DeltaQuad functions such as instant return, changing altitude or emergency landing are also available through the GCS.

Camera Gimbal


The Nighthawk2 is equipped with a LWIR thermal camera featuring 4x digital continuous zoom and a 1080p HD RGB camera with 40x continuous zoom capability (20x optical + 2x digital). The camera is mounted on a self retracting system that houses the gimbal safely inside the vehicle during transport, takeoff and landing. The camera can also be deployed using the VCS or joystick function keys. 

The internal measurement unit of the camera automatically keeps the video stable in any direction. The camera can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 135 degrees providing a full view in any direction below the vehicle. 

The system is paired with the TRIP2 onboard video computer for advanced features such as object tracking, camera source switching, automatic recording on the onboard sd-card and automatic retraction during landing in failsafe scenarios. The onboard computer is attached to the COFDM transmitter using an ethernet connection. This allows acces from the VCS to the webbased configuration screen for the TRIP2 unit. From here all settings for the board computer and camera can be controlled. Both the camera gimbal and TRIP2 computer can be firmware upgraded. 

Camera specifications

Visible (RGB) Camera

Visible 400-700 nm

Resolution: 1280x720

Zoom : x20 + x2 digital, (total x40) continuous zoom

HFOV : 60° WFOV – 3° NFOV – 1.5° DFOV

Delay < 40msec

Thermal (IR) Camera

LWIR uncooled (8-12μm)

Resolution : 640x480

Zoom : x4 digital, continuous zoom

HFOV : 18° W.FOV - 4.5° D.FOV continuous zoom

Field of regard

Pan : 360° (non continuous)

Tilt : -45° to +90°

Control Interface


Video Interface



< 70 μrad

Power Input

9-32 VDC

Power Consumption

7 Watt


Diameter=64mm [2.5”]

Height=94 mm [3.7”]


460 grams

Operating temperature

-20°C [-4°F] to +55°C [+131°F]

Video & control transmission system

The DeltaQuad Pro VIEW Nighthawk2 system is paired with the Suntor STP30HPT COFDM transmission system. This system offers an encrypted long range ethernet link between the camera gimbal and the VCS. It also exposes an RS-232 port to attach link the GCS to the Flight Control computer. The system comes with a high gain omnidirectional antenna mounted on a tripod that can raise the antenna 4 meters in the air. The antenna assembly folds down to 1.5 meters for transport. A small additional antenna is provided for short range mission up to 10km. 

The air unit is fully integrated on the DeltaQuad with a foldable high gain antenna. The ground unit can be attached to the long range or short range antenna. It comes pre-wired to attach ethernet to the VCS and USB RS-232 to the GCS. 

Transmission system specifications:

Wireless Fault-tolerantLDPC FEC
RF Transmitted Power1.5Watts (Air to ground 30km)
Power ConsumptionTX: 12Watts/RX: 5Watts
Video Input/output InterfaceOn board HDMI mini TX/RX or FFC convert to HDMI-A TX/RX
Bitrate and channel adjustment modeDIP or SPI2MCU
Antenna1T1R/ TX: 5db(Omni Antenna)RX: 10db(Omni Antenna)
Video Color SpaceDefault 4:2:0 optional: 4:2:2/4:4:4
Video Compressed FormatAVC adds H.265 feature TS stream
Adjustment mode of bitrateSoftware adjustment
Communication Channel EncryptionWEP, WPA(PSK), WPA2(PSK), WPA+WPA2 (PSK), AES 125/256
Transmission Modepoint to point
Start-up time25s
Two-way functionSupport video and duplex data simultaneously
DataSupport SBUS/PPM/TTL 
Interface(same interface on TX & RX)1. 1080P 60 HDMI Mini RX
2. 100Mbps Ethernet to USB / RJ45 on Windows
3. S1 TTL bidirectional serial port
4. Power Input (DC7-18V)
Indicator LightHDMI input/output indicator light
Transmitting and receiving indicator light
Video board indicator light
Power light
HDMIHDMI mini/Flexible Flat Cable(FFC)
Appearance DesignCNC technology/double aluminum alloy shell with waterproof design
Power supplyDC 7- 18V (DC 12V advised)
Temperature RangeOperating temperature:-40°C ~+85°CStorage temperature:-55°C ~ +100°C
DimensionTX 76*73*24 RX 73x48x20mm
WeightTx: 148g, Rx: 93g

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